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WebSmarts Design is your innovative source for Web and Graphic design solutions. We offer our customers unique Web, Graphic Design and Application services.

An overview of the many services that we offer is provided below.

A website is often the first point of contact that your organisation will make with a potential new customer. WebSmarts Design is your source to create web related material that will provide your organisation with the positive impact that you seek. Our designs are modern along with functional and we offer a wide variety of solutions in the design sphere.
Social media utilisation is a great way to increase your exposure to a potential audience. It not only provides a targeted, opt-in audience for updates, news releases and other information. It also creates an opportunity to reach people through innate mechanisms on sites like Facebook and Twitter. WebSmarts Design, can integrate a social media module i.e. Facebook or Twitter, into an existing website or a new website design. This will provide the opportunity to engage with new possible customers and develop long term relationships with existing customers. By synchronising a Facebook or Twitter module into your website, existing and potential new customers will be able to keep updated on various news feeds from your organisation through their personal Facebook or Twitter pages and seamlessly through your website as well.
WebSmarts Design can fulfill a variety of branded graphic design solutions for your organisation. Our graphic design services will provide the print related impact that you are seeking, with designs that are unique, clean and branded. Some of the services that we offer, include, brochures, branded packaging, media kits, logo design, posters and newsletters.
Mobile applications are the way of the future. These encompass Blackberry (Rim), IPhone (Apple), Android (Google) and Windows Mobile (a variety of manufacturers). Mobile applications generally interface with an office application/database with internet capabilities. These can be self-contained "programs" or webpage applications that are formatted for mobile devices. Mobile devices are quickly replacing laptop computers, notepads and specialised remote hardware as they become more powerful as well as versatile. Basically, any off-site task can be enhanced by using a specially developed mobile application.
Not only can employees benefit from the convenience of a mobile application. A properly formatted website also allows mobile users to view your website content in a cohesive and intelligible fashion, which will translate into sales/ leads/ repeat visits.
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